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American Barn in Shale Grey is the ultimate example of a shed in your backyard that would lend itself to either a Coastal or Hamptons look. Designed in the modern ColorBond 'Shale Grey', anyone would be proud to have this for all their entertaining needs.

Dimensions & Specs


Width (m)

10 metres

Length (m)

8 metres

Eave Height (m)

3.6 metres

Pitch (° degrees)

Gable - American Barn




Shale Grey
American Barn in Shale Grey

American Barn in Shale Grey is a striking example of a shed that can be built in your backyard that would enhance your outdoor living. These types of sheds offer great space saving solutions as you can build a mezzanine and still have room to park your ride-on mower underneath. They can be divided so that you can have your home office or workshop built easily to one of the sides and still have plenty of space for entertaining.

The feature packed American Barn includes:

  • 3 glass sliding doors an an entrance
  • 1 higher bay for easy access for higher vehicles, with a roller door
  • Windows to let natural light in
  • In the colour Shale Grey with Surfmist trims


How long does a Barn take to be built?

A typical Barn build can take anywhere from a few days to 1-2 weeks depending on its size. If you are building a double lock up garage for size comparison for example – typically this can take a few days. If it’s a Farm Shed with height, this could then take a week to two weeks. If you are thinking about building, come on in and see where the timeframes are sitting at and we can give a rough time quote.

Can you build a Shed on an existing concrete slab?

Yes it is possible to build a Shed on an existing slab. What we would conduct in the first instance is a site visit to check the size and condition of the slab and inspect for any visible cracks or damage that may prevent the build process going smoothly. Next, we would need to determine the compatibility of the shed design to ensure that it suited your existing slab, and that all necessary posts and bracing could be used to build your new Shed on the existing slab. This ensures that we are building a structure that has been wind checked to your rated area and will withstand a weather event in the future. By considering these factors, you can determine whether building a Shed on an existing slab is feasible and proceed with the building process. It’s always advisable to consult with your Local Council for guidance and ensure that your Shed is built safely and in compliance with all necessary codes.


Welcome to Fair Dinkum Builds Newstyle Sheds Coffs Harbour, your premier destination for high-quality barn style sheds in the Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas. Our Barn style sheds are expertly designed to combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, offering you a versatile and visually appealing storage solution. With a wide range of sizes, materials and customizable options available, we have the perfect Barn style shed to suit your needs. Whether you require additional storage space for your farm equipment, a workshop, or a stylish backyard retreat – our durable and affordable Barn style sheds are built to withstand the test of time.

Here at Fair Dinkum Builds Newstyle Sheds we can customise the proportions, inclusions ad special features to create a shed that ticks all the boxes that you can dream of. We build custom or can provide a DIY kit, if building is your thing. With limitless design possibilities, Fair Dinkum Builds are created specifically with your purpose, site requirements and personal preferences in mind.

If you’ve got big American Barn dreams, call Fair Dinkum Builds Newstyle Sheds Coffs Harbour on 6651 4512 or start designing in the shed app today ( and send it to us for a free design and quote. Follow us on Facebook HERE for all of our latest builds.


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