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Discover this exceptional Gable Roof Carport, a truely versatile solution that meets a diverse range of requirements. As you explore, you'll notice that the walls are different - allowing true customization. The ability to build to a multitude of sizes, look through this Gable Roof Carport to inspire you for your next Carport build.

Dimensions & Specs


Width (m)

6 metres

Length (m)

6.5 metres

Eave Height (m)

2.4 metres

Pitch (° degrees)

Gable Roof 22 Degrees




Classic Cream
Gable Roof Carport

We built this Gable Roof Carport as a versatile solution designed to cater to a range of needs. What sets this Carport apart, is the customization that we are able to design all the walls differently. You will note that the back walls are full length and provide protection from the afternoon sun, whilst both the sides walls are ‘half’ walls – allowing air flow and sunlight to come on through. The block has a slight slope to it and we were able to build with the slope with ease, made trouble free with the posts resting on concrete piers. The specifics of this build are as follows:

  • 6 metres wide x 6.5 long
  • ColorBond Classic Cream walls with Monument as the colour for the Roof, Gutters and Trim
  • 22 Degree Roof Pitch
  • Steel posts on concrete piers


A Gable Roof Carport is an absolute must if you are thinking about storing your caravan on the months that you are not out and about creating memories with your family. While selecting your carport will best suit your home, we need to explore the following options:
  • Colours – The colour possibilities are endless when you have the extensive ColorBond range to choose from. From creams to greens, light warm greys and dark colours to add drama and flair, you can be assured that we will find the right colour combination that blends in or makes a statement in and around your home.
  • Size – We will always strive to work the products we sell around your individual needs. We tailor and custom build every carport, to ensure that it seamlessly blends into your existing home making sure the height, width and length is designed for maximum space to hold your celebrations or park your vehicle under.
  • Roof Pitch – There are many different roof pitch degrees to choose from. Selecting which one, will depend on the look that you are after, whether you would like to collect rainwater from your roof, or whether you would like to add solar panels for efficiencies in the home. You can also select your roof pitch for a decorative touch or add a Dutch Gable style so that it gives you maximum clearance underneath to store your caravan
  • Extra’s – Why not add optional extras such as skylights to add extra natural light in, a whirly bird for maximum breeze and comfort or a structural gutter for a stylised look and feel

Are Carports better than a Garage?

You might be asking yourself this question whilst thinking about your Carport or Garage build. Having a carport means protection from the elements but with a shed you have a fully enclosed space that keeps prying eyes at bay and it also doubles as another storage or entertainment area.
Whether you opt for a Carport or Garage, it all comes down to a few key things – where do you want to place it on your land, what activities do you want to carry out in your new build and finally what does your budget look like. Answers to these questions, will arm us together with the best solution that we can design for you.

If you’ve got big dreams to build a Gable Roof Carport, as the next addition to your dream backyard, call Fair Dinkum Builds Newstyle Sheds, Coffs Harbour on 6651 4512 or start designing in the shed app today ( and send it to us for a free quote. Follow us here on Instagram for all of our shed builds and inspiration to build your next dream.

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